Paper Flower: Hydrangea

Hydrangea flowers are white in the most species but it depends on the soil acidity. The acidic soil (pH below 7) will produce blue to purple flowers, otherwise if the alkaline soils (pH above 7) will produce red to pink flowers. Hydrangea flowers are produced from early spring to late autumn.


Paper Plant: Succulent

Succulents are water storage plants. Their habitats are in the dry areas with the high temperatures and low rainfalls. They have some thick parts that retain water, so they can survive from the limited water source, such as the mist and the dew.


Twenty-seventh Newborn

I finally turned 27 three days ago and 27 is my favorite number by chance.


Paper Flower: Rose

Red roses have inspired people to say "I Love You" on Valentine's Day for centuries. Traditionally, rose is symbolized as the flower of love. Although, this year's Valentine's Day has passed, rose can be given in any occasion according to the color, variety, and number.


Printable: Date Ideas Love Token

I ever made a Love Token jar for Edward and myself for our dating ideas, 3 or 4 years ago before the Valentine's Day. And to celebrate the month of love, as I promised, I will share the templates with the new challenges. I hope this can be your sweet present reference.